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Britain launched a new laser sensor package

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-05-06 16:42:34

      Britain has recently developed an enterprise of a new laser-induced coating for the production of boxes, cartons and other packaging "virtual tag." Allegedly, this product when clicked with a carbon dioxide laser, a simple color change will occur, resulting in stable high-definition images. Typically, the laser is mounted on the packaging line, for changing the field of information, such as date and bar code.

      Different from traditional labels, laser induced surface coating after becoming part of the packaging material, it will not fall off. Low-intensity carbon dioxide laser bar code quickly, foil bag logo and images engraved onto the pre-treated surface of the coating, both for local printing, but also for overall spraying. Significantly reducing production costs, and therefore can bring considerable economic benefits for the packaging material suppliers and printing factory.
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