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You may not know us before, but you may have already touched our products because many famous companies have cooperate with us.

Fugang Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. was established in July 1986, the group has employs more than 20,000 people. The company is focused on R & D and production of precision electrical connectors, precision cable and the assembly, multiple areas of key communications components and assembly and consumer electronics and other 3C industry high-tech enterprises.The related products are exported to all over the world, it's customers include MICROSOFT ﹑ IBM ﹑ HP ﹑ MOTOROLA ﹑ ALPHA ﹑ SONY ﹑ ACER ﹑ APPLE ﹑ NEC ﹑ SIEMENS ﹑ NOKIA ﹑ SANYO ﹑ PANASONIC and other international companies. Since 2000 our company become the qualified supplier, my company has been to the company to provide shielding bag, aluminum foil bag, EPE, bubble bags and other packaging products.

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